Massage and Sports massage

Massage is a symptom-relieving soft tissue treatment. One of the purposes of the massage is to relax muscles that have tightened and hardened, in which case they are in an oxygen-deprived state and the metabolism has slowed down, which may result in soreness. The effects of massage are manifold. Massage relaxes the muscle and makes it more elastic. The musculature warms up, metabolism revs up and blood circulation improves. In addition to relaxation and stress relief, scar tissue can also be softened. Massage can e.g. accelerates recovery from sports performance and promotes the healing of injuries. Preventive effects are achieved e.g. in the occurrence of stress injuries and tightening of muscles. Massage can also improve mobility.

Sports massage is the application of classical massage to the athlete's situation. The goal of sports massage is to improve sports and competition results. The massage takes into account the athlete's sport requirements, training situation, training season and training program.


Recommendation for treatment

The recommendation for treatment is between 2 x week to regularly every month.